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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


A Wolf Tastes Air
a summer junicho by Barbara A Taylor (Aus) and Martin G Cohen (USA)


bold looters
knee-high in rubble
after the bushfires

another gust
through the empty swings

milking over …
frisky Friesians                   
head to green fields

smells of fresh sencha 
from a ceramic pot

it’s hard to relax
with my neighbour’s
leaf blower
sleepless autumn night
the pond turns silver

at my age
what are the chances
she’ll say yes?
frostiness snaps               
an apple core full of seeds
agreed greed
is the root
of all evil
a temple path
turns to the movie house

spread on the table
perfumed bouquets
for mother
the thaw begins
and a wolf tastes air


Composed via email January to February 2009.

Barbara’s haiku and short form poems are on Poemeleon, Kaleidowhirl, Stylus, Lynx, Simply Haiku, Presence, Moonset, Sketchbook, Loch Raven Review, 3 Lights Gallery, Contemporary Haibun, Frogpond, and others, including anthologies, Landfall and  Atlas Poetica. She lives in the Rainbow Region of northern NSW, Australia. Her diverse poems with audio are at .

Martin lives in South Jersey in Egg Harbor, USA. His haiku have appeared in Simply Haiku and a body of work from 2000 to 2008 is published at .


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