Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


Solo, Duo 2


black & white
birds explode from
the trashcan
   the dog's
refills itself
in play alone
on the shady side of the sand pile
the quiet boy
  half moon –
a white face stands out
in Harlem
night fog
sinking into the bayou
cricket's song
        (dedicated to Basho)
  1 ◦ 2 ◦ 3 ◦ 4 ◦ 5
fireflies in a midnight field
light on my black dress
blood moon
my daughter steps
into the river
  warm breeze
wanting to hear again
my name in your voice
from the goat
casting of stones, language
in a swarm of stones
  trees what will we leave you with
in the night intestine
the fingers of a sea
anemone waving
  segments of truth
taken by blowing wind
knitting pattern
knits on
in knits
  weaving clouds
a koi leaves the moon
seedlings thinned
the red-haired girl's
darker twin
  the beautiful language of Egypt carved into her myth
wind sharpens
in the cemetery
a white-tailed crow
  hanging white moon
a breast unbound
by black silk
a rainbow arch
above the cherry trees...
no fat man, no little boy

"black & white," "the dog's" Lars Palm "in play alone" Garry Eaton
"half moon –," "night fog" Dick Whyte "1 ◦ 2 ◦ 3 ◦ 4 ◦ 5" Susan Solomon
"blood moon," "warm breeze" Nora Wood "from the goat" Abl Zulu
"trees what will we leave you with," "in the night intestine" Peter Yovu "segments of truth," "knitting pattern" Camilla Sayf
"weaving clouds " Don Baird "seedlings thinned," "the beautiful language of Egypt carved into her myth" Peggy Willis Lyles
"wind sharpens" Diana Webb "hanging white moon," "a rainbow arch" Garry Eaton