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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


Solo, Duo 1


leaves unfurl
colour deepens –
fresh tea
  seagull cries
shift over
each other
takes nothing –
water on the backs
of limestone
his gnarled bare feet walk
the same curb
the owl's call –
telling me yes
telling me no
  morning walk to where lilacs bloom
scent of dry leaves ...
two seeds stuck on
the bath towel
  morning sun ...
reading my old diary
by the window
Noon –
an old dog
just shy of shade
  On the plains:
thoughts of Alabama
sea shells no longer cut
Alabama rain
pounding the roof,
constant lover
  On a bare black twig,
one white apricot blossom,
frugal and lavish.
summer midnight
two good stars
in our sky
  missing stars
where you are
where I am
At last
At night
 Come back home.
    Against   ceaseless   tides
  floating gate of vermilion
changeable          changeless
magazine rack:
a Nation at the feet of
The Economist
  cookie tray –
maybe just one

"leaves unfurl," "seagull cries" Christopher White "takes nothing –" Tish Davis
"morning," "the owl's call –" Wende DuFlon "morning walk to where lilacs bloom" Adelaide B. Shaw
"scent of dry leaves ...," "morning sun ..." K. Ramesh "Noon –" Francis Masat
"On the plains:," "Alabama rain" Lisa Greer "On a bare black twig," David B. Ring
"summer midnight," "missing stars" Jennifer Gomoll Popolis "At last" Ashraful Musaddeq
"Against ceaseless tides" Peter L. Scacco "magazine rack," "cookie tray –" David Ash