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Carol Raisfeld, Editor
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Modern Haiga is a challenging art form based on creating an innovative image and embedding a Japanese short form poem within it, but it is not two separate entities of image plus text; rather it is a single visual creative expression.

Haiga is poem-art, but it is so much more than a three or five-line poem accompanying an image. The poem must not merely describe the image, nor is it to be confused as a slogan, but rather as an integral part of the whole. Neither text nor art must jar. Indeed, the poem must also be art, and the art must be a visual extension of the word. Both image and haiku must be strong enough to stand alone, but together, form a completely new artistic union that would not have been possible otherwise.

State-of-the-art technology has opened the door to new modes of expression. Photography, digitally manipulated photography; brush-and-ink art; graphic designs; watercolor; pencils; pastel sticks; and any other artistic presentation will be accepted as long as it holds true to the haiku spirit.

The haiku and image need not be overtly associated with each other. In fact, the subtlest and gentlest associations often work best, and preference will be given to haiga demonstrating a clear understanding of juxtaposition of prose and image.

Please send polished works, error-free, making sure that all sizing and formatting is correct according to our guidelines. Send your haiga submission as an attachment with the subject heading, Simply Haiku_modern haiga submission. We no longer accept images that are embedded in the body of the email. Images should be in JPG format.

Please read the Submissions page for precise guidelines and send no more than 12 haiga to:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Raisfeld


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