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Carol Reed Sircoulomb, Editor
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The yin and yang of submission.

1. Simplicity is my motto.
2. Grab me by the socks and shock.

You do not necessarily have to have both in your submission. Neither text nor art must jar. Nothing about the image or the font must be showy, slick, or overly manipulated, but rather draw the observer into the thought process. Photography, digital photography and art, brush-and-ink art, watercolour, pastel, scanned collage, and any other artistic presentation will be considered as long as it represents the haiku spirit. The haiku and image need not be associated with the other, but your inclusion of juxtaposition is important. The subtlest associations often work best.

Some of the poets and artists I admire in the Modern Haiku world are, Marlene Mountain, Ai Li, Dorothy Howard (Raw Nerves), Ray Rasmussen, Ron Moss, Soji, and John Dunphy look them up and it may help you in your submission.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please read the Submissions page for precise haiga guidelines.

Carol Reed Sircoulomb

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