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Spring 2009, vol 7 no 1


Diana Webb


Just thirty footholds up to God. An icon on a background of gold leaf depicts the Heavenly Ladder of Saint John Kimolos. The monks climb. One with his first foot placed. One almost there. A few, targeted by demons, falling. Most are neither up nor down.

In convent infant class I put a penny in the box to take delight in moving a cut-out figure of a small girl, who lives, the nuns say, far across the sea, just one place higher up the paper wall bars, keeping her in place there with a pin.

a pair of steel steps
outside the hardware store—
sunlight on every rung


Diana Webb Diana Webb is very much interested in the connection between haiku and well-being.She has run workshops in haiku related writing at an arts centre for people with experience of mental distress. Much of the inspiration for her own writing comes from the area around the River Mole in Leatherhead near London where she lives. Currently she is events officer for the British Haiku Society and is hoping to promote haiku and haiku related forms among a wide range of people.