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Carol Reed Sircoulomb, Editor Haiga
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Carol Reed Sircoulomb Carol Reed Sircoulomb was born in Enid, Oklahoma and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has lived in both the United States and Germany. She loves to travel and enjoys camping and photographing in the wild. Carol and her husband, Wayne, have three children and four grandchildren.

She has had a life-long love affair with art. Her professional career was in photography, and included all facets of that art. She is also an accomplished sculptor and often creates mixed media works with everyday objects. She now resides in the Chautauqua Hills of southeast Kansas with her husband. Her life is primitive and she tries to live as green as she can.

Carol became interested in poetry in 1998. Her poetry is mainly haiku, haiga, sijo and free form. She is a past Poetry Super Highway poet of the year, and was the winner of the Charnwood Arts MiniWords 2000 competition.

She has had poetry published in World Haiku Review, The Art of Haiku 2000, Frogpond, Mothertounged, The Gandy Creek Yeats HyperPoem, Prairie Poetry, Transparent Words, Caught in the Net, Raku Teapot, Zimmerzine, and Disciples World.

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