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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4


Patrick Pilarski

dinner cooling
and she isn't home;
I watch
the empty parking lot
as lightning splits the sky


ice fog creeps
over the construction site
its dark earth quiet;
only a crow, beak full
slowly building a home


false spring—
the homeless man
one more time
through the bookstore doors


full moon
over thunderheads—
my arms
too small to measure
this endless prairie sky


a dream is
just that;
berries of the mountain ash,
the koi pond's melting ice


Patrick M. Pilarski Patrick M. Pilarski lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his oolong tea and far too many tea pots. His haiku, tanka, and related work have appeared or are forthcoming in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Simply Haiku, Modern English Tanka, Wisteria, White Lotus, Haibun Today, contemporary haibun online, Other Voices, The Antigonish Review, and have been broadcast on CBC Radio One. He recently released his first chapbook of haiku and haibun, Five Weeks, and is the co-editor of the print and online haiku journal DailyHaiku.