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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4


Joe Christensen

live on prime time
smiling brightly
I take my medication
and watch the world burn


Narrowly, like cat's eyes,
The lights of the city glitter.
Cars prowl for whores and ecstasy.
A sailboat, beside the drainpipe,
sits capsized, dry and dusty.


The road shines slick
winding like a serpent's belly.
Dark cloaks the moon.
My mind in silence echoes
the emptiness of night.


The orange cat outside
has no Saturdays or friends.
She strangles robins.
There is no one to scold her
or take her home again.


A hummingbird feather
lies on the white window ledge.
Wind blows boughs beyond.
The sapphire feather is still,
as if contemplating flight.


Joe Christensen Joe Christensen is a father and husband living in Atlanta, Georgia. A relative newcomer to both writing and tanka, he has had short stories published in various outlets, including Moonlit Path and Fear and Trembling. Joe started writing poetry in the summer of 2008 and has had two poems, "The Jesus Action Figure" and "The Tattooed Girl," published in The Beat. He began reading tanka recently, impressed by its power to express so much in so few words.