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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli



pt. 2


She worked the blood drive
hoping to find a good man
but none were her type

Belly Peterson


they met at a haiku workshop
their romance

Bob Brill


Strip poker—
I take off.

Alexis Rotella


closet renovation —
removing all her clothes
she nails the carpenter

Carol Raisfeld


wine taster:
he talks about the vintage
of the waitress

Dana-Maria Onica


the many perks
free coffee

Barry George


The nun
picks her nose —
old habit.

Alexis Rotella


the string beans I planted,
never sprouted
sow be it!

Ted Heavens



Egg Lady cover design by Donna Beaver, Egg Lady Photograph 1918, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

"strip poker" and "The nun" from OUCH: Senryu That Bite, Modern English Tanka Press, copyright © 2007 by Alexis Rotella; by permission of the author.


Home Sweet Home


Setting the table,
clearing the table
this is my Life.

Alexis Rotella


again outside my mailbox
deer poop . . .
inside my mailbox
other shit

Anita Virgil


first time at her place
bookshelves filled with
old TV Guides

Mykel Board


watching TV with mom
I avert my glance during
the bedroom scenes

Gautam Nadkarni


the niece
I cradle in my arms
wants down

Christopher Patchel


progress report –
my son is no good
at lying

Bob Lucky


after the row with his daughter,
he goes to his room
and plays Wagner, full blast.

Liam Wilkinson


after the family photo
mom removes
her dentures

Gautam Nadkarni


my nephew's fastball—
I hand back his glove
and keep the sting

Barry George


The wedding over,
  he listens to her snore
      and lights another pipe.

Arizona Zipper


in the dream
my dog has a whistle
only i can hear

John Stevenson


The cat scratches




Mykel Board


making sure
nothing grows
the rock gardener

David Gershator



"Setting the table" from OUCH: Senryu That Bite, Modern English Tanka Press, copyright © 2007 by Alexis Rotella; by permission of the author.

"first time at her place" from Voices and Echoes, HSA Members' Anthology, edited by Carlos Colon, copyright © by Mykel Board; by permission of the author.

"my nephew's fastball—" from bottle rockets #11, copyright© 2004 by Barry George; by permission of the author.

"The wedding over," from A Pale Leaf, © 1981 Arizona Zipper; by permission of the author.

"in the dream" from Frogpond, copyright © 2004 by John Stevenson; by permission of the author.

"making sure" from Frogpond, copyright © 1994 by David Gershator; by permission of the author.




crowded subway
on an old woman's wrist
tattooed numbers

Matthew Cariello


commuter train —
     that girl again
reading another romance

Michael Dylan Welch


reading eyes
she opens her fan
when they meet mine

Francis Masat


smiling back I find
that the blond is smiling
at someone else

Gautam Nadkarni


first day of school —
alone at the bus stop
his long pants itch

Carol Raisfeld


first visit —
the dentist admires the tooth
on her stuffed rabbit

Carol Raisfeld


mother's day
a nurse unties
the restraints

Roberta Beary


after surgery
the surgeon steps into
his carpenter jeans

Ed Markowski


the old soldier's fingers
tighten on his crutch

Jerry Kilbride


"he's friendly,"
assures the owner
of the wet dog

Christopher Patchel


express checkout
   the fat woman counts
the thin man's items

Michael Dylan Welch


checkout line
my dad
could talk to anyone

John Stevenson


Location, Location, Location
no money
no location

Jian Zheng


studio audition
her stomach growls louder
than her feeble voice

kala ramesh


the fat nun
the choir

Anita Virgil


six nuns
stop biting their clams to stare
at the seventh, dancing

Anita Virgil


first origami class
the instructor
looks like a crane

Pamela A. Babusci


Guys at the class reunion —
their bellies
precede them.

Alexis Rotella


frat house —
the smell of a dumpster
brings it all back

Barry George


"see you soon"...
your eyes
say otherwise

M. Franklyn Teaford


swallowing the key
after locking the door
the mime leaves

Francis Masat



"commuter train —" from Voices and Echoes, HSA Members' Anthology, edited by Carlos Colón, copyright © by Michael Dylan Welch; by permission of the author.

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This issue of SENRYU is dedicated to friend and colleague
William J. Higgginson

"—Say it, no ideas but in things—
nothing but the blank faces of the houses
and cylindrical trees
bent, forked by preconception and accident—
split, furrowed, creased, mottled, stained—
secret-into the body of the light!

From above, higher than the spires, higher
even than the office towers, from oozy fields
abandoned to grey beds of dead grass,
black sumac, withered weed-stalks,
mud and thickets cluttered with dead leaves—
the river comes pouring in above the city
and crashes from the edge of the gorge
in a recoil of spray and rainbow mists—"

William Carlos Williams
From Paterson I: The Delineaments of the Giants.