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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4


Shisan : The Piñon's Tears

Side 1
in the garden
sun covers the grapevine
- empty glass
drinking iced tea
we plan our journey
on the train south
two strangers pass
with only a nod
Side 2
the ticket stub ensures
entrance to the Christmas dance
stolen glimpses
send arrows to the hearts
touching in the dark
no reason for talking
only signatures needed
Side 3
moonlit whispers
circling a bonfire
as the coven prays
Canada geese slip past
while warm cranberries cool
this red pebble
is not yet ready
to join my collection
Side 4
high on the mountain
gathering the piñon’s tears*
a gnarled coat stand
cradles the soft
orange blossoms
gentle spring rain washes
this final place of rest

*A piñon (or pinyon) is a type of pine tree that grows in the southwestern US and in Mexico. The “tears” refer to its fragrant resin, which is collected and burned as incense. The trees also yield edible piñon nuts, which used to be a staple of the Native Americans, and are still widely eaten.

vj : Virginia Jennings (USA)
mk : Marion Kerrigan (Ireland)
bor : Bernie O'Reilly (Ireland)
ea : Effie Araouzou (Cyprus)
nh : Nora Hussey (Ireland/USA)
bm : Beatrice Mondare (USA)
dh : Dorothy Heiderscheit (USA)
mos : Maeve O'Sullivan (Ireland) - sabaki
kr : Kim Richardson (UK)
fk : Frances Kelleher (Ireland)

This renku was written on 18 July 2008 as part of “Writing from Within: Haiku and the Spiritual Path”, a weeklong residential workshop at the Anam Chara Writers’ and Artists’ Retreat on the Beara peninsula in the southwest of Ireland.


Copyright 2008: Simply Haiku