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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4


New Shisan : October's Moon
Dedicated to the memory of William J. Higginson

Side 1
October's moon—
the clear light cast on stones
strewn here and there
soundless the sound
of willow leaves falling
from my stoop
a pint of skimmed
and one of Jersey too
Side 2
greedily her infant
suckles at her breast
we rehearse
Cleo and the asp
floating on the Nile
dam it all
10 billion megawatts!
Side 3
after the party
your smiles demure
behind a painted fan
her icy breath
portends the snow to come
soon the rhino...
does He grieve the undoing
of day five?
Side 4
all shadows disappearing
come high noon
a shallow plow
slowly up and down
the Connemara hills
sugared plum blossom
adorn our fairy cakes

Composed during northern autumn / southern spring 2007, by Norman Darlington (Ireland) and Moira Richards (South Africa). Verse selection consensual. Individual verses not attributed.


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