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Lenard D. Moore, Editor

You need to know what criteria I consider while reading haiku submissions. Is it really possible to pinpoint all the things that one might seek in a haiku? Of course, there are certain elements that I consider in haiku, such as three lines, a kigo (season word), concrete details, vivid imagery, two-part composition (not a run-on sentence), strong verbs, immediacy, contrast of unlike images, the depiction of the natural world and originality. So I am not requesting senryu. However, the haiku does not need to adhere to a strict 5-7-5-syllable count, but should have a short, long, short breath. I think every word must help with the effectiveness of a haiku. I welcome your haiku that honor the discipline of the Japanese form.

Send me your haiku submissions in the body of an email. (No attachments.)

Lenard D. Moore
July 23, 2007

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