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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4


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watercolour paintings by Janis Zroback
haiku by Allan Burns

Allan Burns Allan Burns has published haiku in Acorn, Frogpond, The Heron's Nest, Modern Haiku, moonset, paper wasp, Presence, Roadrunner, Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar, SxSE, and Wisteria. He has also published collaborations with Ron Moss of Tasmania, and his essay "Haiku and Cinematic Technique," originally published in Frogpond, has been anthologized by Red Moon Press and translated into Dutch by Max Verhart for the journal Vuursteen.

Janis Zrobeck Janis Zroback is a self-taught artist and painting is her passion. Over the years, she has taught art at the college level and privately in the studio, and has been a frequent contributor to Canada’s premier decorating and art magazines.

She paints in many different styles and genres, which she shows as individual series. The paintings are shown exactly as they are, without retouching or digital changes.

She has appeared on television in several decorating shows, and her work can be found in a number of private homes around the city.


RedBubble Gallery: Janis Zroback Fine Art ( ).

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