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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4


Ludmila Balabanova


I was in bed with a high temperature, when he called. I didn't tell him I was ill. I stood up, put on my white coat and ran outside. It was snowing and the snow covered everything. The snowflakes melted on my face immediately. He was waiting for me in the small garden not far from my house. He wore his white jacket. When he hugged me, he said: "What a hot snowman!"

Many years have gone since then. Snow has covered the earth and melted. Our friends married and divorced, went to and arrived from distant countries. And we remained in the small garden, covered with fresh snow - two snowmen, kissing each other for the first time.

January afternoon
the melody
from a black-and-white film


Ludmila Balabanova Ludmila Balabanova lives in Sofia and teaches at the Technical University. She is the president of Haiku Club Sofia.

Publications include three poetry books, two haiku collections (Cricket song, 2002; motes in the sunbeam, 2007) and poems in anthologies and magazines.

She is an editor of the Bulgarian Haiku Anthology Mirrors (101 Bulgarian Haiku selected and edited by Ludmila Balabanova, 2005, Bulgarian, English and French).