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Winter 2008, vol 6 no 4


hortensia anderson


Alone on the beach, I turn as a yellow butterfly lifts from a piece of driftwood, disappearing into the sand dunes.

How I yearn to feel the powdery flutter of a butterfly wing; to slip through wild mint with a fresh scent on my breath; to soar across the sea without a shadow.

following me
around street corners –
the wind



I fold the blank page, slide it into the envelope. Hot sealing wax cools with my stamp of an enso. I pass your house next to mine, slip it in the box with your other mail. It is enough for me to know it has reached you.

rambling roses —
blooming over the fence
between us


hortensia anderson Hortensia Anderson is the author of numerous chapbooks as well as a volume of poetry, TRUST (fly-by night press, 1995). Currently, she serves as haibun editor for moonset, the newspaper. She lives precariously on dialysis in nyc's east village with her bengal leopard cat, Camellia and faithful companion, Pain.