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Norman Darlington, Renku Editor
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Norman Darlington lives between the granite massif of the Blackstairs Mountains and the golden shores of the Irish Sea, an area rich with layers of culture laid down by successive waves of immigrants, from Vikings to Huguenots, to those lately arrived from the far shores of the Baltic.

As a linguist, Norman is drawn to the power of collaborative poetry to bridge linguistic and cultural divides. He has written renku with poets from a broad range of countries, from the Balkans to Africa, from Russia to the Antipodes.

In early 2006, he led renku out of the temperate zone, in a ground-breaking venture into India's classical six-season calendar. The resulting poem, The Hawk's Grand Swoop, was published by this column's erstwhile editor to critical acclaim.

In 2005, Norman proposed a 22-verse, three-sided renku pattern, the Triparshva, as a means to more closely approach the Basho-school style, than is easily achievable with other shorter-than-kasen renku patterns. Details of the format can be found by clicking here, while using the search facility above will uncover a number of Triparshva by various authors.

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