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Keith Heiberg ~ Webmaster
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A representative of the Japanese Consulate in Boston (left) presents Keith with the Second Prize in the Kaji Aso Studio 20th Annual International Haiku Contest. (Photo: Elvin Heiberg.)

Keith grew up in Minnesota, and claims to understand Citizen Kane's affection for a sled. Though not intentionally chosen to balance yin and yang, Keith's BA is a combination of creative writing (poetry) and linguistics. Since then he has worked as a Freelance Journalist/Photographer, Typesetter, System Manager, and Senior Web Developer. When the tech bubble burst in 2001 he retired early and now reads voraciously, writes sparingly, bikes energetically, and meditates daily.

His haiku and senryu have appeared or are forthcoming in Acorn, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Simply Haiku, Roadrunner, bottle rockets, TinyWords, moonset, Stylus (Australia), paper wasp (Australia), Chrysanthemum (Austria, translated into German), Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Mainichi Daily News (Japan) and elsewhere. They have been collected in big sky: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2006 and flower of another country: Haiku Society of America 2007 Members' Anthology.

His poems have won both Second Prize and Honorable Mention in the Kaji Aso Studio 20th Annual International Haiku Contest (2008), Runner-Up in The Haiku Calendar Competition 2008 by Snapshot Press in the UK, and Honorable Mention in the moonset Contest II (2008). Two of his haiku placed among the top 20 in the World Poetry Contest Vol. 2 (2007, New York and Japan, translated into Japanese).

Keith's recent prose has appeared in Modern Haiku and the Harvard Book Review.

At last report he is pursuing a Certificate in Publishing and Communications at Harvard University, and is a member of the Boston Haiku Society, the Haiku Society of America, the Poetry Society of America, PEN New England, and the New England Poetry Club. He has been the Webmaster for Simply Haiku since 2005.

He also maintains a personal site at .

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