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Autumn 2008, vol 6 no 3


David Giacalone


first warm day
i reach for her
gloveless hand
  a broken heart carved
on the frozen pond —
fish bucket empty
windy day
more blossoms at the curb
than on the tree
  harvest moon —
our windshield fogging
as we argue
summer solstice:
no shade on either
side of the street

David Giacalone David Giacalone is a former lawyer and mediator, living along the Mohawk River, in Schenectady, NY's Historic Stockade District. His weblog, f/k/a, mixes one-breath poetry by more than two dozen poets with breathless punditry on many topics. He started writing haiku circa 2003, and they began appearing in various journals in 2005. Since late 2006, he's been providing poems for haiga, with photos supplied mostly by his twin brother and his Mother ("Mama G").