Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Summer 2008, vol 6 no 2

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli


Happy Taco
taking my order
the grouchy Korean

Mykel Board


While the guests order,
  the table cloth hides his hands —
    counting the money.

Clement Hoyt


dining out—
the comedian faces
away from the crowd

Barry George


at the next table
four loud men
with identical necks

Mykel Board


the bungee jumper
eats a big breakfast
after the jump

Arizona Zipper


over bacon and eggs
           stress tests

Kathleen O'Toole


with fork poised over salad
the dieting woman
eyes the dessert tray

Bob Brill


after the feast
the old woman at the washbasin
removes her teeth

Anita Virgil


pretending not to look at
the passing woman
pretending not to look

Stephen Peters


art tour
trying to see
what they're told

Bill Kenney


in oily sand
Rachel Carson
looks like this

LeRoy Gorman


crowded beach —
a tattoo'd momma in
a bikini I think

Carol Raisfeld


at the laundromat
has underwear



looming each morning
the weight bench
with cobwebs on it

M. Franklyn Teaford


leaving for work
my husband kisses the dog
and pats me on the head

Donna Foulke


her letter . . .
between the lines
there's nothing

Bill Kenney


far apart
we ride home
from the therapist

D.L. Bachelor


recently divorced
the carpet stains
needing a scrub

Stephen Peters


in the middle
of my life
an ulcer

Tom Clausen


pregnant again
the beggar's wife
weeps at her fate

Gautam Nadkarni


the toddler
playing peek-a-boo with me
bangs her head on a shelf

Mykel Board


The gay acupuncturist —
his specialty,

Alexis Rotella


bachelor party
"you're right, sex for money
costs so much less"

Carol Raisfeld


almost done —
an educated moan
from the hooker

Carol Raisfeld


Watching porn
with a clinical eye
the gynecologist

Jesse D. McGowan


"They're not all the same",
says the gynecologist
eating oysters.

Al Pizzarelli


prosthetic shop —
costing him an arm and a leg:
an arm and a leg.

Jesse D. McGowan


Liposuction —
now she's skinny
AND fat

Al Pizzarelli


Dr. Chin
have one

Alexis Rotella


drilling deeper
my dentist talks me into
Amnesty International

LeRoy Gorman


foreign country —
the maid and i
keep smiling

Kala Ramesh


my French.

Alexis Rotella


Still a bit tiddly
   his pipe falls
      into the privy.

Arizona Zipper


behind sunglasses
I doze and wake…
the friendly man talks on

Anita Virgil


caught talking
to himself
he turns it into a hum

A. Thiagarajan


changing direction
the science professor walks
around the ladder

Mykel Board


street carnival
repeating my mother's name
for the psychic

Efren Estevez


in the closed shop
the beautician reapplies
her makeup

Karen Sohne


fitting her breasts
into the pink bra
with a little wiggle

Cor van den Heuvel


estate sale
a pair of antique-lovers
test the bed springs

Ernest Berry


he bargains and
a fisherwoman settles ~
at her price

Gautam Nadkarni


fisherman's icebox...
the look on her face when she
opens the chip dip

Ed Markowski


possibly a pretty girl
but I just look at
her license plate

Carlos Colón


arguing over the ticket —
the meter maid's patience

Jesse D. McGowan


he placed his drink
on the roof of his car
filled the tank and drove away

Bob Brill



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