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Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


Lorin Ford


bushfire moon . . .
the calligraphy
of charred trees
  breathless heat . . .
the horse's hoof-fall
muffled by dust
ever-moving mist . . .
another poet climbs
the huang shan
  tai chi class
a spring breeze passing
through willows
gathering purple
at dawn

Lorin Ford Lorin Ford writes haiku, poems and the odd play script in Brunswick, Victoria (Australia), where she has lived since 1976. Her first love was the Seaford beach and foreshore; her second, the timbered valleys and estuary of a small East Gippsland town. Her haiku have appeared in the Australian journals paper wasp, The Mozzie, Yellow Moon, POAM and Famous Reporter and also in World Haiku Review, WHC Treetops, Mainichi Daily News, haigaonline, Haiku Harvest, The Heron's Nest and Frogpond. Lorin shared equal first prize in the paper wasp Jack Stamm Award, 2004.