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Paul Conneally, Editor
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I'm looking forward to your submissions as we further explore haibun - what it is, what it might be, and what it can be. I favour haibun where the prose element is 'haikai' in style - terse, imagistic - often with elements of shortened syntax leading to some phrase and fragment type phrasing, and with haiku that generally link more renku-like with the prose than simply continuing it.

Don't let this put off those of you that write haibun differently—a well written piece that the author wishes to submit as haibun will always be read and could very easily be featured here in our haibun section.

In this edition we have a connectedness between many of the featured haibun in that they explore relationships of one kind or another. Many believe that all haikai writing should be of, from and about direct experience - well yes - but more than anything I feel it should be about honesty - and this does not mean that there is no room for fiction or empathetic writing - but that all such writing should strive for an honesty of feeling - feeling that comes directly from a linking with the writers own experiences both directly with the external world that we all inhabit and their internal world, the world of emotion, thought and yes, dreams.

I look forward to your submissions which can be sent to me at:

~ Paul Conneally

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