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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Tanka ~ Kala Ramesh

I look at the blue sea
and the blue sky
in wonder-
and gently
they turn into night

mutely facing
the word ‘sorry’
so much between us
all we need to do…
look into each other’s eyes?

the moon runs . . .
unwilling to compete
i avert my face
and see him race me
in the canal

late morning sun
bright and hurting--
the leaves
a different green

peals and peals
of laughter
from the apartment below--
will my kids ever
have time for me?

a wish
and a wish
and a . . .
never ending
a forest fire

my father’s
new dentures
but . . .
the smile
is also new

cyclonic rains
paddy fields
toss from side to side
only to stand
erect again

forgoing sleep
for the golden swiveling plate
I wait . . .
but I’m the first
to lower my gaze


Kala Ramesh is a performing vocalist in Indian Classical Music and she has given numerous concerts in India. She has several articles published on Indian music and Indian thought to her credit. Kala has also taught creative art in schools and taken workshops for children for The Times of India.

Kala writes: "A musical note lives for a moment and fades into the void . . . that sacred silence. And Hindustani music, being completely extempore, is as fresh as a just bloomed lily. Being very similar in form, music attracted me to haiku and tanka. In all three, I believe there is a resonance that lingers in the spirit long after the sound has faded."

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