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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Tanka ~ Joanne Morcom

so much white hair
in the bathroom sink
can't all be mine
but since I live alone
whose is it?

our street
recently repaved
just spray painted
with misspelled

after a glass
of Scotch and water
I start to write
and then stop
for another

brand new earrings
are exactly what I need
on a day like this
but I don't like them
when I get them home

the museum
of natural history
crowded today --
all of us herding
towards the gift shop

young cashier
in the small town store
asks me where
I'm from --
a big city?

if you'd been here
you would have reminded me
about the blue moon --
on my own
I forget to look

unsigned note
on my windshield says
sorry I hit your car
it was an accident
not my fault


Joanne Morcom's tanka, haiku and haibun have appeared in a number of online and print publications. She won first prize in the modern category of the 2001 North American Tanka Contest, and three of her tanka appeared in Countless Leaves, a print and CD anthology of the best contest poems. Her tanka have also received several Tanka Splendor Awards.

A resident of Calgary, Alberta, she is a regional coordinator for Haiku Canada, and a member of the Calgary based Magpie Haiku Poets, who have recently published an anthology of their work titled A Piece of Egg Shell, with a foreward by Bruce Ross. Contact Joanne at to order a copy.

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