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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Tanka ~ Aurora Antonovic

I admire
the field of shrinking
even though I know --
they are unlike me

my friend the purist
counts syllables
on his fingers,
forgetting to use them
to write poetry

standing at the graveside
of both my parents
for just one moment
I remember --
I was once someone’s little girl

watching how roughly
he handles the butterfly,
damaging its fine wings,
I shudder with thankfulness
that he never touched me

too many books
my friend chides,
yet still he does not
hesitate to carry
them all home for me

drinking absinthe in
the café for the first time
waiting for your friend who never shows
you shudder
at the bitterness

Aurora Antonovic is a Canadian writer and visual artist whose poetry has recently appeared over five hundred times in eight countries and five continents.

She currently acts as Canadian liaison for Muse Apprentice Guild.



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