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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Edited by Alan Pizzarelli



Asking the little girl
if the tooth fairy came:
“yeth,” she says.

            Ted Heavens

first sentence:
“This is CBS.”

            Carlos Colón  [1]

playing army…
   the little boys fight
      over who's dead

            Stanford M. Forrester  [2]


the abused child
arranges her dolls
in a perfect row

            Pamela A. Babusci


bedtime fairy tales
interrupted by her wish
for bigger breasts

            Michael Meyerhofer

1. Carlos Colón: “daughter’s” from Nothing inside, Proof Press,
Copyright © 1996 by Carlos Colón: by permission of the author.

2. Stanford M. Forrester: “playing army” from Modern Haiku, Vol.34.2, Copyright © 2003 by Stanford M. Forrester: by permission of the author.



home to see mom
both of us looking
for our little girls

            Arlene Teck


in mother's mirror
never have I looked
so beautiful.

            Arlene Teck


learning to bench press--
the span of my grip
well within my father's

            Chad Robinson


lunch with mother
before I get home
she finds a reason to call

            Cathy Drinkwater Better


Crying over onions,
my mother with
the stiff upper lip

            Alexis Rotella  [3]


a little earthquake
for the first time
I call him father

            Scott Metz

3. Alexis Rotella: “crying over onions” from Looking For A Prince, White Peony Press,
Copyright © 1991 by Alexis Rotella: by permission of the author.



         the love letter
she tells her husband about
       means little to her

            Anita Virgil


moving day
her husband's handshake says
he doesn't know

            Ed Markowski


my wife admits
she is not perfect,
but is glad I am

            Tom Clausen  [4]


my wife wants to look further
in the campground
for “more deluxe washrooms”

            Marshall Hryciuk

4. Tom Clausen: “my wife admits” from Homework, Copyright © 2000 by Tom Clausen: by permission of the author.



empty salon
the manicurist
files her nails

            Jeanette Stace  [5]



            Barry George


the waitress
leans over my table

            Cor van den Heuvel


the therapist’s eye twitches
as she asks me
how I feel

            Karen Sohne  [6]


Clear about
the window washer

            vincent tripi  [7]

5. Jeanette Stace: “empty salon” from A to Zazen, Edited by Vanessa Proctor, Kiwiana Publishing, New Zealand. Copyright © 2005 by Jeanette Stace: by permission of the author.

6. Karen Sohne: “the therapist’s eye twitches” from The Parakeet’s Mirror, Spring Street Haiku Group, Copyright © 1993 by Karen Sohne: by permission of the author.

7. vincent tripi: “Clear about” from Frogpond Vol.XV:2, Copyright © 1992 by vincent tripi: by permission of the author.




lunchtime news
imagining famine
between mouthfuls

            Steve Dolphy  [8]


Over and over he says
he wants nothing
to do with me.

            Alexis Rotella  [9]


            a beautiful day
someone says    cannot see
            the difference

            Sasa Vazic


            now she’s in love
she observes every blemish
            of her own

            Anita Virgil


garden party--
twelve years divorced, they still
call each other ‘dear’

            Melissa Dixon


moving day --
my things look like they belong
to someone else

            Michael McClintock


the artist’s heirs

            L.A. Dona  [10]

8. Steve Dolphy: “lunchtime news” from Raw Nervz # VI.I, Copyright © 1999 by Steve Dolphy: by permission of the author.

9. Alexis Rotella: “over and over he says” from Looking for a Prince, White Peony Press, Copyright © 1991 by Alexis Rotella: by permission of the author.

10. L.A. Dona [1924-1997]: “the artist’s heirs” from Seer Ox No.3, Copyright © 1975 by
L.A. Dona: permission granted by Michael McClintock.




even the little beaver
says shit on work
this spring day

            Cor van den Heuvel  [11]


        Floating on his back,
“I say there, old chap,” says the face
        of the sea otter.

            Anita Virgil  [12]


scat singing
"round midnight"--
ella fitzcricket

            Robert Wilson

sudden windbreak --
everyone pauses
to stare at the dog

            Carol Raisfeld


only two at first,
but then I knew nothing
about rabbits

            J.D. Heskin


flying onto the skating pond
the green heron
does a double lutz

            Ted Heavens

11. Cor van den Heuvel: “even the little beaver” from Seer Ox No.3, Copyright © 1975
by Cor van den Heuvel: by permission of the author.

12. Anita Virgil: “floating on his back” from the Senryu Series HC Newsletter, Copyright 1991 by Anita Virgil: by permission of the author.


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