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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Senryu ~ Mykel Board, Featured Poet

with arm out-stretched
the one arm man describes
the one that got away


the girl I like
complains the boy she likes
doesn't like her


too late!
the love stamp already on:
letter to the bank.


love poem
to the teacher, returned
corrected in red ink


Burger King Bagel
comes with your choice
bacon, ham or sausage


Mart patron screams
“Where is it? I can’t find
the fuckin’ Midol !”


"you got a price on this?"
shouts the cashier
at the 99 cents store


lottery results
from the clerk
with a stutter


in the subway car
almost alone
the sound of nail clippers


safe for awhile
around the haiku poets
the fly

Mykel Board first discovered haiku while living in Japan in 1989, where he was employed as an English Teacher and studied haiku under the tutelage of headmaster Ryo Suzuki. He also studied literary composition at Columbia College in Chicago and is a member of The Spring Street Haiku Group, in New York City.

As a poet, he made the transition to Senryu poetry because: “My talent seems to be in noticing human foibles.”

His hip-New York-punk-burlesque style of senryu poetry employs the use of sarcasm, witticism, puns and wisecracks. His keen observations reveal the true-to-life absurdity of people and things

Mykel Board’s poems have appeared in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Raw Nervz, The Haiku Anthology (3rd Edition, edited by Cor van den Heuvel. W.W.Norton, 1999) and in a small booklet, I'm not at home, published by Red Iron Press in Canada. He has also published 17 novels under pseudonyms (including: Switch-hitting Teens, Popping Nancy's Cork, and Hot Firemen in Drag). His first book with his name on the cover, I A Me-ist, will be published in May by Hope and Non-things press.

Another book, Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing, about his adventures in Mongolia, will be published by Garrett County Press in September.

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