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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2
  one-line-renku: Feathered Frost  
  sash window feathered frost his breathless angel sw
  building heat the whiskey bottle reflects fire rm
  amber pendant a jurassic insect high above the clouds sw
  in crisp white a nurse adjusts the sunlit drip-line rm
  stalagmites and stalactites the years before we met sw
  black cough a coal-miner thumbs the calendar rm
  snake skins & dust sw
  11 weeks premature compared to a mobile phone rm
  woodpecker my morning steps lighter sw
  boat festival storm tossed face in the porthole rm
  lost in thought i dead-head the pansies sw
  deep chasm river rock opens to a bee rm
  thirty years on the same buzz 'desolation row' sw
  power surge the mass murderer takes a final bow rm
  weeping willow drips the melting sw
  crimson tear rm
  'love lies bleeding' into dusk sw
  4th moon she embraces her glow rm
  far away . . . on a greyhound all the dark night long sw
  magnified the tiny ladybird looks into my smile rm
  washday a polka dot dress line dances sw
  kicking stones a boy called Mick swapping the blues rm
  deeper each day dying hyacinth sw
  plastic plane falls from a sleeping hand rm
  niagara we kiss in the roar sw
  zoo visit the toddler singing to elephants rm
  trunk call his well rehearsed speech sw
  celebrity make-over throwing out unused cabbage rm
  cat flap the old dog's head indoors all the rest in snow sw
  sutra chant between the cracks of oak rm
  winter trees the setting sun becomes a star sw
  frozen paper on his back yesterday's news rm
  wild flowers where they fell sw
  white gloves the artwork cupped like a breast rm
  riding the last wave a perfect shell sw
  on the marble above her age the scent of rose rm
  Sheila Windsor (U. K.) & Ron Moss (Tasmania)
05/02/05 – 02/03/05
notes 13/'desolation row' - bob dylan

moonlit flight: ron moss

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