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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


Haiku ~ Vishnu Narayanan


dance inside  
the rotten papaya  
  the empty swing,
  and its shadow,
swing together
laving the nude,  
genital-less pink doll---  
twilight waves  
  one after another,
  ants emerge from
  the hibiscus
a light puddle  
cupped in a fallen  
ochre leaf ~  

Vishnu Narayanan lives in India. He writes poetry, including haiku, and also does graphics and photography. He has published two books of philosophical aphorisms: Kalki ~ The Last Coming [Apocalypse ~ The Eternal Aspiration] and Scrap Bits From The Note books Of A Lunatic.

His poetry has appeared in Buddha's Temple, Still, Haiku Poet's Hut, Photo Haiku Gallery, Charnwood Haiku Arts, midnightedition and elsewhere. He sometimes uses the pen name RUDRA.

He has done work in mathematics [number theory, transcendental numbers, foundations of axiomatic set theory, etc.]. He is also "sincerely into" Indian classical music and dance.

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