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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


Haiku ~ Sonny Villafania


white herons return  
to the mangroves  
  after the rain
  a child's hand full
of paper boats
evening drizzle  
soft cooing  
on the rooftops  
  autumn birds
  arrows soaring
on the hillock --  
reclining buddha  

Santiago B. Villafania is a Pangasinan poet based in Manila, Philippines. He writes in Pangasinan, Tagalog and English. Some of his poems have appeared in local and international print and on-line publications.

He advocates for the resurgence of Pangasinan as a literary language in his province. Last year, he was awarded Writer of the Year (2004) by the Ulupan na Pansiansia'y Salitan Pangasinan (Association for the Preservation of the Pangasinan Language) for his first book, Pinabli tan arum ni'ran Anlong (Beloved and Other Poems) published in 2003. He is coming out with his second book of Pangasinan poetry entitled Malagilion: Soniton Pangasinan (a collection of experimental Pangasinan sonnets).

He edits the Makata, an eJournal of Philippine and international contemporary poetry.Sonny's website is at

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