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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


Haiku ~  Patricia Benedict


Autumn wake-  
moon painted shadows  
fill my lifeless cheek  
  Noon-time walk---
  my panting dog finds shade
  in my shadow
His sleeping breath---  
I count the craters  
of the Autumn moon  
His sister's funeral-
  I trim his hair
  before he leaves.
The brightest moon-  
hanging sheets  
awash in silver shadows.  

Patricia Benedict was born and raised in Ireland. She went to live in Canada in the early 70s, leaving behind a budding career as an actor/writer.

She enrolled at the University and earned a BFA and MFA in Acting and Directing, and taught at the University of Calgary for seventeen years. In 1997 she took early retirement and was awarded the status of Professor Emeritus.

She became interested in Haiku in the '80s and has been writing and publishing her work ever since.

She is a long standing member of Haiku Canada. She is also a member of Magpie Haiku Poets of Calgary, who are in the process of launching their first Haiku Anthology, A Piece of Egg Shell. She lives in Calgary with her husband and Irish Wheaten terrier, and finds retirement has provided much needed time to push more creative envelopes, the more challenging, the better.


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