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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


Haiku ~ Jadran Zalokar


the lizard's tail  
longs for  
  Leaking roof---
  where are you now,
my ex lover?
New Year's morning---  
a pine tree covered with  
last year fog  
  On a tree bough
  dream of spring
A gust of wind  
lifts up the wing of  
a perished bird  

Jadran Zalokar was born on July 29, 1947 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He lives and works in Rijeka, Croatia. He is the doctor of Philosophical Sciences, a haiku poet and an artist.

In Rijeka, he published several collections of haiku entitled Haiku vremeplov/A Haiku Time-flight, Osmijeh putnika/The Traveller's Smile and Putnikova duga/The Traveller's Rainbow. He is the editor of a trilingual haiku anthology entitled Hvatanje sjenke vjetra/Catching the Shadows of the Wind (with late Dr. Mile Stamenkovic).

Dr. Zalokar is the first editor in chief of the haiku magazine Karolina Rijecka [] and the first president of The Society of Haiku Poets-Rijeka. At the moment, Dr. Zalokar has started a project under the working title The World Haiku Anthology.

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