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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


Haiku ~ Ella Wagemakers


lunch break---  
a carabao  
in the mud  
  crumb by crumb
  sunlight eats away
at the frost
pot of rice---  
to work  
  open window
  the unfamiliar sound
  of bird wings
only water  
between my footprints  
and the horizon  

Ella Wagemakers was born in the Philippines and now lives in the Netherlands with her husband. She is an English Teacher at the Dutch Police Academy. She received an AB-IS from Manila University in 1983, a 2nd Degree Teaching Diploma in Tilburg in 2001, and a 1st Degree Teaching Diploma (Tilburg) in 2003.

Her essay "A Dutch Journey" was published in Not Home, But Here, an anthology edited by Luisa A. Igloria. So far, she has had a few haiku published online in the Makata International Poetry Journal and other online e-zines. She is working on her first poetry collection.

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