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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Modern Haiga

Linda Papanicolaou ~ Petroglyphs

"Petroglyphs" developed out of a collaborative series of graphic renga that Linda did with Karina Klesko (two of these, "Redenga" and "Bell Crickets," were published in earlier issues of Simply Haiku). In graphic renga, digital images are passed from one participant to another, each artist manipulating or altering the image before passing it on. As a solo series, "Petroglyphs" is more tightly organized. Beginning with the seed image (a fractal that resembles a Mesolithic arrowhead), the images were spun out from each other, each incorporating the original motif as well as references to each other. The linking of images, thus, is more like a wheel than a sequence. The arrowhead of the seed image also suggested the theme of the solo rengay that serves as captions.

[ Click on the image below to view Linda Papanicoloau's work]

Linda Papanicolaou is a middle school art teacher in California and lives on the campus of Stanford University, where her husband is a professor.

She has had works published in Haigaonline, Simply Haiku and World Haiku Review. She also contributes to the World Tempos Journal. She is assistant director of the World Haiku Club’s multimedia forum and participates in several online haiku, poetry and art education lists.

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