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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2

Haibun ~ Jerry Dreesen

Beginnings, Endings and Things in the Middle

~a haibun~

Christmas is finished, sofa pushed back to where the tree had stood.
Gifts put away, the artificial tree disassembled, stripped of jewelry, placed again
in its cardboard coffin. The last of Christmas leftovers will be tonight’s meal. If the weather holds, we’ll make the long trip to the cemetery, to my son’s grave under a new blanket of snow.

small town
the cat walks his path
through winter’s storm

We haven’t been to the cemetery since summer, when we inspected our prepaid granite marker placed parentally next to his.

in the cemetery
we sit on our new headstone
nice view!

Jerry Dreesen has been writing poetry for more than forty years. Since his retirement in 2002, he has discovered the challenging world of haiku and the art of haiga, the combination of art and haiku into one art form. Jerry spends much of his time now creating haiga watercolor images as well as creating and selling watercolor note cards. When time permits he also makes artist trading cards (ATCs) from his watercolor and pen images and draws cartoons for his own enjoyment. He continues to write free verse poetry and has been featured poet at several local poetry readings.

Jerry has created an art and poetry e-gallery that features his haiga and photo-haiku: . He recently has become an avid blogger. His blog, includes his non-haiga art as well as free verse poetry.

Jerry’s watercolor haiga has been featured in Simply Haiku, Moments, Reeds, Mindfire Revisited and Haiga-On-Line as well as others.

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