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Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


Haiku ~

Sasa Vazic


  Market morning--
  the seller's frozen hands
  choose fish.
  Along the summer path
  two old men talking
  step by step.
Two gray hairs
  in the old mirror--
  the spring morning.
  Green market.
  a gourd and a peasant,
  both dew-wet.




  Parliament on fire.
  Shadows of fleeing birds
  across the city roofs.




  Abandoned tower.
  Through the loose window
  leaves fly in.
  Over the fence
  children calling each other--
  the smell of dust.
  Darkening room.
  Shadow of a peony spreading
  up to my sick-bed.
  Long summer night...
  I met my face on the window
  among stars.

Sasa Vazic (pictured, right, with her daughter) is a free-lance journalist, astrologer, translator, writer of prose and poetry attempts, curious and interested in all forms of everything that exists, moves or seemingly keeps still, within and without.

Regarding haiku poetry, she most readily helps the "voice" of its best products be heard the furthest and widest, and in that attempt she tries to listen to and feel the nerve and to follow it.

She is a member of the World Haiku Club. In 2003 she launched her own web site, Haiku stvarnost/Haiku Reality [] with the aim of gathering the world's best haiku authors and theoreticians. [English pages:].

No book of hers has been published as yet, either of haiku poetry (one is actually in the process) or of any other field of her interests (two have been writing themselves), but over 1000 of her articles on various topics have appeared in numerous journals, magazines and newspapers.

She is a recipient of several awards and commendations at haiku contests held in the country (ex Yugoslavia, present Serbia and Montenegro) and abroad and her poems have been published in a number of domestic and foreign haiku magazines.

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