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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1

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In the Fall

"In the Fall" - Woodblock print by Wanda Robertson
(from series #15 at Baren Forum)

At the old corral
towering above the fence,
September wildflowers
deepen into ruddy colors,
their seed pods soon to shed.
—Sarah Whitworth

(verse from Mountain-Home Modern Waka)

Wanda RobertsonWanda Robertson, lover of painting and drawing, has delved into many forms of artistic expression. Oil painting was her favorite until she took a college class in printmaking.

She started with black & white linocuts, printing with oil ink and a beautiful press at the college. Wanda then found the Barenforum website. Always admiring the "floating world" prints of the Japanese artists, she wondered how in the world could such beautiful pictures be made with blocks of wood?

Fast forwarding a couple of years, and now she knows how to do it! Wanda loves the carving of the wood, the mixing of colored pigments, the dampening of the gorgeous paper, the stacking, and the printing. It seems to be such an organic process, and puts her into such a grounded frame of mind. She truly loves this medium of artistic expression!

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