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Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1

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Shooting Stars

"Shooting Stars" ~ Woodblock print by Nancy Osadchuk
(from series #15 at Baren Forum)

Beach plums have fallen
Among the sand dunes
Overlooking the sea;
The harvest moon is waning
Along with your love for me.
—hortensia anderson

(verse from Mountain-Home Modern Waka)

Nancy sadchuck Nancy Osadchuk grew up in southern Alberta with a view of 150 miles of Rockies to the west and rolling prairie to the east, leaving her with an appreciation of both.

After attending the University of Manitoba where she studied Interior Design and history of art, she returned to Calgary where she was employed as a draftsman in the oil patch for several years. She first took up painting on porcelain, but soon discovered she would rather use her own designs and switched to watercolour and oil painting.

Since that time she has explored other mediums, pastel, acrylic and printmaking. Her printmaking efforts include etchings, monoprints and Moku Hanga, (the traditional Japanese method of woodcut, using water-based pigments.) Subscribing to the Barenforum on the internet has been extremely helpful with a wealth of information available through discussions, as well as their archives. Nancy has been a participant in two of their exchanges recently.

To view Nancy's art gallery and a listing of shows at various locations in and around Calgary, visit

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