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This is the end of "The Seasons of Love," a collaboration between Ashe and Ron Moss. The web design and digital photography are by Ashe and haiku by Ron Moss.

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About Ashe:

I've been asked to say a little about how I arrived at haiku and haiga--by a kind of evolution I guess. One thing leads to another which leads to another, and of course those inevitable accidents. My two loves are nature and poetry--need I say more? Reading an anthology of nature poetry I remember stumbling upon Li Po, a Chinese poet, and being profoundly affected by the power of his writing. Notably, his ability to convey the depth of an experience, and with so few words, I was astounded. Here is where it all began.

We sat together the forest and I
Merging into silence,
Until only the forest remained.

Li Po, Chinese, 701-762

As for haiga, I discovered that a little over a year ago when a google poetry search somehow led me to the site of Kuniharu Shimizu, see haiku here. I found the work breathtaking. These short but powerful poems twinned with equally expressive images--wow! I wandered around the site, then set out along a trail of links which led me, eventually, to WHChaikumultimedia, a list for haiga creators. I subscribed the same day and I'm still there, still learning and still enjoying haiku and haiga.

• Ashe's Website: The Green Leaf Files
Li Po
• Kuniharu Shimizu. SEE HAIKU HERE

About Ron Moss:

Ron Moss is a writer and artist who enjoys working in most Japanese forms. He is published in Australia and overseas in magazines such as Famous Reporter, Yellow Moon, Heron's Nest, Frogpond, World Haiku Review, Mainichi Daily News. He has received an honorary mention in the Japanese Suruga-Baika Literary Festival and a second place in the 7th Mainichi Daily News haiku competition.

His Haiga have been published in Red Moon's Haibun Anthology, World Haiku Review, Paper Wasp, HaikuHut's Short Stuff and soon to be published edition of Reeds. He's a member of Watersmeet Haiku Group in Hobart, Tasmania; the World Haiku Association; and the World Haiku Club. He has won first prizes in Yellow Moon's international competition in Haiku, Haibun, Renga and placings in Tanka.

He lives at Leslie Vale, Tasmania with his wife Sharon. He is also a volunteer firefighter and an officer at his local fire brigade.

Ron was recently interviewed on the NPAC website after winning successive Gold Medals for haiga. To read it click on Interview.

His web site is: