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Image #10: Walter Rasmussen

journey ahead-
through the mist
the mountain

Doris Kasson, USA

an'ya: This haiku is my first choice because it takes me right along on that journey through the mist to the mountain. Its author encompasses so much of the photo in this haiku of 3 succinct lines of only 7 words/10 syllables. It's well-written and intensely deepens the photo.

magnificant mountains-
the sunlight gathers
a river stone

Deborah Russell, USA

an'ya: This haiku also references the mountains in the photo, plus sunlight and river stone as well. Perhaps I might perhaps suggest dropping the adjective "magnificent" and let the readers decide that for themselves after they see the image. Actually just tightening it up a bit, for instance:

distant mountains-
sunlight gathers
river stone

soji: Some nice elements here, but it could use some rearranging.

Two possibilities:

mist shrouded mountain
sunlight gathers
on river stones


cloud-hidden peaks
the river stones
gather sunlight

because if the sunlight tried to gather a stone it would slip right through its fingers.[cloud-hidden alludes to an Alan Watts poem]

sun's rays
filter through pine boughs
morning mist

isuku, USA

an'ya: This one is a direct match more-or-less to the photo, therefore it's effective too. I do believe it needs "the" in line one for smoother flow, and an emdash in line 2 for further pause, otherwise A-okay.