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Image #8: Mufty Matherson

misty morning -
old words form
new shapes

Laryalee Fraser, Canada

soji: I think I liked this one just because everyone would say, “What?”

To paraphrase Basho, how refreshing to see a reflection and have no one write a haiku about it.

Heartbeat voice
Without interruption
Between two banks

Ramana Venkata Rao, India

an'ya: I think this haiku may perhaps be translated, therefore it's structure seems a bit unusual. However, the content is what made it my first choice submitted for this photo. No two people read haiku alike, but what I read here, is that the continous sound of a "heartbeat" is a metaphor for the span of a "bridge". We all know that metaphor is a no-no in haiku, unless very skillfully written, and in my opinion, this one truly is.

garden bridge
a dark flight of sparrows
stirs the air

Marjorie Buettner, USA

soji: I like the feel of this one because the poet has used just one element of the photo to present a very effective haiku. I’ll have to admit I wondered if the second line was supposed to read: “a flight of dark sparrows”, but it works as it is.

below the spaced planks
ripples from a little stone
are widening

Doreen King, UK

an'ya: Another unusual haiku that works very well to deepen the photo (no pun intended). The author of this one manages to put the reader right into the picture and uses a "zoom" effect to a definite advantage. I would only suggest dropping 'the' in line one, and other than that, very nice work.

river mist
a wooden bridge
spans its reflection

isuku, USA

an'ya: I chose this haiku for it's content, which simply enhances the photo. Starts off with a wide setting, subject in line 2, verb and close in line 3. Pure, simple and effective.