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Image #5: Sean McCormick

summer sun
the ecstasy of a cat
being ecstatic

kirsty karkow, USA

soji: This is my favorite among those submitted because it captures what cats are to me. There's probably no more self-satisfied animal in the world than a cat, with the possible exception of humans. That famous wag, Anonymous, once said, "Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God." If I were to change anything about this one, it would be to make the last line read, "being a cat."

please don't disturb
very busy

Gloria B. Yates, USA

an'ya: My first choice, but not because it's atypical haiku. Rather, it does fit the photo from the cat's point of view I think.

cat nap
one-and-a-half eyes
watch the camera

Deb Baker, USA

soji: This is my other choice for the cat image. I wouldn't normally choose a poem for an image that so nearly mirrors the image, but this one made me go back and look at the picture, and it's true. Basho's image with his "crow on a bare branch" works, so, who am I to blow against the wind?

Fir tree smell-
a sleeping cat
on the bench

Ana Ruse, Romania

an'ya: This author firstly let's us see and smell a "fir tree," then calls attention to the "sleeping cat." I think perhaps it might even work well as a two-liner.

Fir tree smell-
a sleeping cat on the bench

No matter which way, it makes us smile at the photo a second time.

never any snow
only the stretching cat's

Ross Clark, Australia

an'ya: This one works for me because of the form it's author chose to use, for as it stretches out in line two, so does the cat in the photo. Also because we can all see that the cat's belly is as white as snow. This one could possibly qualify simply as a "statement" haiku.