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Image #2: Ray Rasmussen

lanscaped garden
the waterplant
turns yellow

Mary Hind, Australia

an'ya: I chose this haiku due to the simplicity and honesty in which it is written. The author wrote what they saw, and this works in haiga as often as being overtly subtle.

the garden
out of reach
beckons still

Kylie Hooklyn, Australia

an'ya: There is as much as needs to be said in this one to enhance the photo, though I would suggest to it's author, adding an emdash, and reversing the third line to read:

the garden
out of reach-
still beckons

japanese new year
the pagoda in the pond

Ernest J Berry, New Zealand

an'ya: Nice reflection of "the pagoda" in this one. Although it's different than what we see in the in the foreground of the picture, it's actually what makes the haiku work. It allows the reader to expand his eye to include the whole scene.