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Image #1: by Katherine Caine

no words
between us--the soft sound
as our child nurses

kirsty karkow, USA

an'ya: I like this haiku because of it's emotional impact, and the thought that almost any rocking chair has the ability to remind us of a baby or of our own childhood.

The author further enhances this photo image by mentioning the silence, thereby letting us hear the soft sound of a child nursing. So many possibilities that this haiku makes the photo speak me as a reader, extending it to another level.

love letters . . .
the lipstick seal
covered in dust

Ron C. Moss, Australia

soji: This appeals to me because it alludes to things found in attics, without being a description of the photo so enhances the photo without describing it. As an added bonus it is a haiku that can stand on its own, but does gain an emotional boost by being coupled with the photo. I would prefer to see an "em" dash instead of the ellipses, but that's just my preference

attic light
the arms of the rocking chair
worn thin

Marjorie Buettner, USA

an'ya: This haiku was my first choice because it started out with a wide setting "attic light", then zoomed down to the "arms of the rocking chair", which in the light, could be seen as "worn thin". The author stayed away from describing what kind of rocking chair or whose rocking chair (old, new, wood, grandma's, father's, etc), which I think was wise insofar as the photo already shows the type/age of this rocking chair, and the readers can conjur up their own different images of who once sat in it.

an'ya: I would suggest

attic light
a rocking chair's arms
worn thin

Old rocking chair
in the deserted, trashed house--

Zhanna P. Rader, USA

an'ya: This haiku is not only very "real" insofar as the author's use of "deserted, trashed house", interestingly, it's gives readers a "window-gazing" look "inside" that attic. This is an out-of-the-ordinary perspective that I enjoyed very much.

an'ya: I would suggest dropping one adjective:

old rocking chair
in a trashed house--

mice, memories
and moms old rocker
"sold to highest bidder"

Doris Pearson , USA

soji: I like this one for the humorous irony and giving us a look inside and outside that dusty attic, depth. Another stands alone haiku that gains by the joining with the photo, and vice versa. Another plus with this one is the meter, not a requirement, but nice.

slowly in the chair
the shape of my grandfather
fills with dust

Jen Badstuebner, Australia

soji: This one could have been my number 1 or 2 for the concept behind it, but I have problems with the syntax. If it had been:

forgotten rocker
grandfather's shape
fills with dust

either of which use the photo, but aren't dependent on it, and have a nice emotional touch without being maudlin.


slowly filling
with dust
grandfather's shape

which, unfortunately would only work with the photo.

spring sun
leaks around the window edge ~
creaking chair

Beverley George, Australia

an'ya: I would give this one an honorable mention.