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Haiku by Don Baird

light a clear sky
otherwise black


under the leaf
a shadow without


dark winter night
the moon peeks through
a torn cloud


teapot whistles
a familiar tune
dawning sun


two shoes
side by side

Don Baird is 56 years old and resides in California. He is the author of four books; composer of six CDs; and a poet. He is also a Studio Musician, and a recording artist with studios such as Warner Brothers, Disney, and MGM. He was recently appointed Dean of Education on a poetry site with almost 30,000 poets. Currently he is setting up an education program to eventually qualify it as an extended learning opportunity for colleges.

For 38 years he has been a teacher of Kung Fu, Tai Chi Ch'uan, and Chi Kung. He has been published in Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Inside Karate, and Fighting Stars magazines, among others. His own instructor, a native of Korea, is the widely respected Premier Grandmaster Young Ik Suh. After retiring from teaching martial arts in 1976, Premier Grandmaster Suh entrusted his style and school to top student Don Baird. In the 80's, Grandmaster Baird developed one of the most potent sport fighting teams on regional and national levels which put him in the spotlight. Pyong An Do changed the face of competition being a genuine system of self defense that actually worked. After spawning several champions as well as writing many articles for such magazines as Inside Kung Fu & Black Belt, Grandmaster Baird pulled away to concentrate on his school and to continue a personal passion of helping people by teaching the ideals of traditional Kung Fu. Soon, Grandmaster Baird was appointed Technical Advisor to the Burbank Police Department. He devoted more than a year to the department doing research, technical development, and riding hundreds of hours on patrol.

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